“Free” Care vs. Free Market Care

Welcome to andrewspublishing.wordpress.com. I have a libertarian, fiscally conservative perspective. I respect social conservatives, while respectfully disagreeing with them on some issues. Hopefully, we can forge an alliance enabling us to triumph over those with a progressive [liberal] world view. Please visit my web site: andrews-publishing.com to see excerpts from my ebook, Health Care Reform in a Free Market. I started this blog in order to generate a discussion regarding the conservative approach to health care reform as depicted in my book.

What is to be our response to the compelling, though false, sound bite of “Free Health Care for Everyone” emanating from the left wing? I have whittled it down to about 58 pages in my ebook. The status quo is neither a viable nor conservative approach. But if we cannot generate a cogent response that average people – voters – comprehend, the left will win by default.

I also hope to initiate other topic discussions in the future, such as illegal immigration & border integrity, private charity vs. governmental largess, tax reform, bridging the gap between social conservatives and libertarian conservatives to win elections, and gun rights & the Second Amendment. I hope to eventually initiate my take on these and other issues and then invite a dialogue on each.

Stuart Andrews, M.D. [AKA stubob, or stub0b (with a zero) on Twitter]

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